2011 Publications

  1. Joseph A. Cottam. Design and Implementation of a Stream-Based Visualization Language. PhD thesis, Indiana University, December 2011.
  2. Shinya Ito, Michael Hansen, Randy Heiland, Andrew Lumsdaine, Alan M. Litke, and John M. Beggs. Extending Transfer Entropy Improves Identification of Effective Connectivity in a Spiking Cortical Network Model. PLoS ONE, 6(11):e27431, November 2011.
  3. Jeremy G. Siek and Andrew Lumsdaine. A Language for Generic Programming in the Large. Science of Computer Programming, 76:423–465, September 2011.
  4. Jeremy G. Siek and Andrew Lumsdaine. A language for generic programming in the large. Sci. Comput. Program., 76(5):423-465, May 2011.
  5. J. DeBuhr, E. Quataert, and C.-P. Ma. The growth of massive black holes in galaxy merger simulations with feedback by radiation pressure. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 412:1341-1360, April 2011.
  6. Ian Karlin, Elizabeth Jessup, Geoffrey Belter, and Jeremy G. Siek. Parallel memory prediction for fused linear algebra kernels. SIGMETRICS Perform. Eval. Rev., 38:43–49, March 2011.
  7. T. Georgiev, A. Lumsdaine, and G. Chunev. Using Focused Plenoptic Cameras for Rich Image Capture. Computer Graphics and Applications, IEEE, 31(1):62 -73, Jan.-feb. 2011.
  8. B. Zhang, J. Huang, N. P. Pitsianis, and X. Sun. A Fourier-series-based kernel-independent fast multipole method. Journal of Computational Physics, 230:5807–5821, 2011.
  9. Fangzhou Jiao, Nilesh Mahajan, Jeremiah Willcock, Arun Chauhan, and Andrew Lumsdaine. Partial Globalization of Partitioned Address Spaces for Zero-copy Communication with Shared Memory. In Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC), December 2011.
  10. Nilesh Mahajan, Sajith Sasidharan, Arun Chauhan, and Andrew Lumsdaine. Automatically Generating Coarse Grained Software Pipelining from Declaratively Specified Communication. In Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC), December 2011.
    Note: Short paper in the Student Research Symposium.
  11. Claire E. Alvis, Jeremiah J. Willcock, Kyle M. Carter, William E. Byrd, and Daniel P. Friedman. cKanren: miniKanren with Constraints. In Workshop on Scheme and Functional Programming, October 2011.
  12. Abhishek Kulkarni, Michael Lang, and Andrew Lumsdaine. GoDEL: A multidirectional dataflow execution model for large-scale computing. In Data-Flow Execution Models for Extreme Scale Computing (DFM 2011), October 2011.
  13. Eric Holk, William Byrd, Nilesh Mahajan, Jeremiah Willcock, Arun Chauhan, and Andrew Lumsdaine. Declarative Parallel Programming for GPUs. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel Computing (ParCo), September 2011.
  14. Todor Georgiev, Andrew Lumsdaine, and Sergio Goma. Plenoptic Principal Planes. In Imaging Systems Applications, pages JTuD3, July 2011. Optical Society of America.
  15. Nicholas Edmonds and Andrew Lumsdaine. Scalable Parallel Solution Techniques for Data-Intensive Problems in Distributed Memory. In SIAM Workshop on Combinatorial Scientific Computing, Darmstadt, Germany, May 2011.
  16. Andrew Friedley and Andrew Lumsdaine. Communication Optimization Beyond MPI. In , May 2011.
    Note: IPDPS 2011.
  17. Jeremiah Willcock, Torsten Hoefler, Nick Edmonds, and Andrew Lumsdaine. Active Pebbles: Parallel Programming for Data-Driven Applications. In International Conference on Supercomputing, Tucson, Arizona, May 2011.
  18. B. Zhang, J. Huang, N. P. Pitsianis, and X. Sun. Dynamic prioritization for parallel traversal of irregularly structured spatio-temporal graphs. In Proceedings of the 3rd USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Parallelism, May 2011. USENIX.
  19. Joseph A. Cottam, Suzanne Menzel, and Janet Greenblatt. Tutoring for retention. In Proceedings of the 42nd ACM technical symposium on Computer science education, SIGCSE ’11, New York, NY, USA, pages 213–218, March 2011. ACM.
  20. Todor Georgiev, Georgi Chunev, and Andrew Lumsdaine. Superresolution with the focused plenoptic camera. In Charles A. Bouman, Ilya Pollak, and Patrick J. Wolfe, editors, Computational Imaging IX, volume 7873, pages 78730X, February 2011. SPIE.
  21. Amal Ahmed, Robert Bruce Findler, Jeremy G. Siek, and Philip Wadler. Blame for All. In ACM SIGACT-SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages, January 2011.
  22. Eric Holk, William E. Byrd, Jeremiah Willcock, Torsten Hoefler, Arun Chauhan, and Andrew Lumsdaine. Kanor — A Declarative Language for Explicit Communication. In Thirteenth International Symposium on Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages (PADL’11), Austin, Texas, January 2011.
  23. Larisse Voufo, Marcin Zalewski, and Andrew Lumsdaine. ConceptClang: an implementation of C++ concepts in Clang. In Proc. 7th ACM SIGPLAN workshop on Generic programming, pages 71-82, 2011. ACM.
  24. Peter Gottschling. Property-aware Programming with Semantic C++ Concepts. ZIH Colloquium, December 2011.
  25. Thomas Sterling. Advanced Execution Models for Future Directions in High Performance Computing, December 2011.
    Note: Presentation at CHPC National Conference.
  26. Peter Gottschling. An FCA View on Semantic C++ Concepts. International Seminar at Institute of Algebra of TU Dresden, November 2011.
  27. Joseph A. Cottam and Andrew Lumsdaine. Reasonable Abstractions: Semantics for Dynamic Data Visualization. IEEE Conference on Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST; poster), October 2011.
  28. R. Heiland. An Introduction to Python for CompuCell3D. Presentation at CompuCell3D-SBW Workshop, Bloomington, IN, August 2011.
  29. Larisse Voufo. ConceptClang: An Implementation of C++ Concepts in Clang. Presentation at Workshop on Generic Programming in Tokyo, Japan, June 2011.
  30. R. Heiland. Python for CompuCell3D. Presentation at the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS), Knoxville, TN, May 2011.
  31. R. Heiland, C. Perry, B. Ream, and A. Lumsdaine. Sculpture, Geometry, and Computer Science. Presentation at SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, March 2011.
  32. Larisse Voufo. Alpha Prototype Implementation Notes. Presentation at the C++ committee meeting in Madrid, Spain, March 2011.
  33. Larisse Voufo. ConceptClang Prototype Update. Invited talk at TU Dresden, March 2011.
  34. Jeremiah Willcock, Torsten Hoefler, Nick Edmonds, and Andrew Lumsdaine. Active Pebbles: A Programming Model For Highly Parallel Fine-Grained Data-Driven Computations, February 2011.
    Note: Poster. Tied (two-way) for Best Student Poster.
  35. Peter Gottschling. Property-Aware Programming with Semantic C++ Concepts. CSCE 681 Graduate Seminar Texas A&M University, 2011.
  36. Jeremiah Willcock. AM++: A Generalized Active Message Framework, January 2011.
    Note: Presentation at the Georgia Institute of Technology.
  37. T. Georgiev and A. Lumsdaine. Methods and apparatus for full-resolution light-field capture and rendering. U.S. Patent 7,962,033., June 2011.

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