2017 Publications

    1. J. DeBuhr, B. Zhang, and L. D’Alessandro. Scalable Hierarchical Multipole Methods using an Asynchronous Many-Tasking Runtime System. In Proceedings of 2017 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium Workshops, 1226-1234.
    2. T. Sterling, M. Anderson, and M. Brodowicz. A Survery: Runtime software systems for high performance computing. Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations 4:4868 (2017)
    3. T. Sterling, M. Brodowicz, D. Kogler, and M. Anderson. Asymptotic Computing – Undoing the Damage. In New Frontiers in High Performance Computing and Big Data, IOS Press, vol.30, 2017
    4. M. Brodowicz and T. Sterling. Simultac Fonton: A Fine-Grain Architecture for Extreme Performance beyond Moore’s Law. In Supercomputing Frontiers and Innovations, 4(2), 2017
    5. M. Anderson, M. Brodowicz, M. Swany, and T. Sterling. Accelerating the 3-D FFT Using a Heterogeneous FPGA Architecture. Best paper of the Euro-Par 10th Workshop on the UnConventional High Performance Computing (UCHPC 2017), 2017
    6. Ryan G. Scott , Omar Navarro-Leija, Joseph Devietti, Ryan Newton. Low-overhead System-level Determinism with Hybrid Static/Dynamic Enforcement. OOPSLA ‘17
    7. Chao-Hong Chen, Vikraman Choudhury, Ryan Newton. Adaptive Lock-Free Data Structures: A General Method for Concurrent Implementation Swapping. In the Haskell Symposium, Oxford, September 2017
    8. Michael Vollmer, Sarah Spall, Buddhika Chamith, Laith Sakka, Milind Kulkarni, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt, Ryan Newton. Compiling Tree Transforms to Operate on Packed Representations. ECOOP’17
    9. Buddhika Chamith, Bo Joel Svensson, Luke Dalessandro, Ryan Newton. Instruction Punning: Lightweight Instrumentation for x86-64. PLDI’17
    10. Michael Vollmer, Ryan G. Scott, Madan Musuvathi, Ryan Newton. SC-Haskell: Sequential Consistency in Languages that Minimize Mutable Shared Heap. 22nd annual ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming, February 2017

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