2018 Publications

  1. J. DeBuhr, B. Zhang, and T. Sterling. Revision of DASHMM: Dynamic Adaptive System for Hierarchical Multipole Methods. Communications of Computational Physics, 23 (1) 296-314, 2018.
  2. SMT, Niki Vazou, Anish Tondwalkar, Vikraman Choudhury, Ryan G. Scott, Ryan Newton, Philip Wadler, Ranjit Jhala. Towards Complete Specification and Verification. Conditionally accepted to POPL’18
  3. Jean-Philippe Bernardy, Mathieu Boespflug, Ryan Newton, Simon Peyton Jones, Arnaud Spiwack. Retrofitting Linear Types. Conditionally accepted to POPL’18
  4. T. Sterling, M. Anderson, and M. Brodowicz. High Performance Computing: Modern Systems and Practices. Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 2018

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