Fabrication Lab Student Outreach Program

Since 2013, CREST’s fabrication lab program, which involves undergraduate and high school students who conduct research with guidance from CREST assistant scientists and postdoctoral researchers, has been working to educate students in productive real-world ways. The team’s main project is the design, assembly, and programming of autonomous quadcopters as a testbed for verification of real-time control algorithms associated with the NSF sponsored PXRT (real-time ParalleX extensions) project. Further, the students are recreating a Stradivarius guitar using 3D software and refining aglorithms, and a CNC router. More information about the facilities can be found on TechWorks website.

For more information about the CREST fabrication lab, please send an email to crest@iu.edu. Students interested in joining the team should send a resume attached to the email.

The initial funding for the lab equipment and supplies was provided by the NSF (grant 1352969).