The IU Center for Research in Extreme Scale Technologies (CREST)

CREST is housed at a 13,050 square foot, state-of-the-art facility located at 420 N. Walnut St., Bloomington, IN 47404. The CREST research center provides a central location for collaboration between discipline scientists, computer scientists, researchers, students, and staff from the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering. The facilities include office space for researchers and staff; four meeting rooms equipped with Polycom videoconferenceing systems; a 10-gigabit dedicated internet connection for research; and a 240 square foot fabrication lab that includes a CNC machine and a 3D printer.

Data Center

In 2009, IU opened its new Data Center on the Bloomington campus to house many of the component listed above. The Data Center is a secure, disaster-resistant facility designed to withstand an F5 tornado.

IU Supercomputers

IU’s Big Red II (1 petaFLOPS), Big Red II+ (286 teraFLOPS), Karst (98.8 teraFLOPS), and Carbonate (83.3 teraFLOPS) provide IU researchers with access to some of the most powerful supercomputers in the US.