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Malony, Allen. An Autonomic Performance Environment for Exascale. Supercomputing Frontiers, Singapore 2015. March 18, 2015. Invited talk.

M. Anderson, J. DeBuhr, E. Hirschmann, D. Neilsen, B. Zhang. Examining the Rayleigh-Taylor instability in GRB outflow using wavelets, April meeting of the American Physical Society, Baltimore, MD 11 April 14 April 2015.

DeBuhr, Jackson Eugene. Dynamic Adaptive Runtime Systems for Advanced Multipole method-based Science Achievement, April meeting of the American Physical Society, Baltimore, MD 11 April 14 April 2015.

M. Anderson. AMR with Wavelets, Exascale AMR Workshop, The University of Chicago, 9 April 2015.

Alice Koniges (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Jayashree Ajay Candadai (Indiana University), Hartmut Kaiser (Louisiana State University), Kevin Huck (University of Oregon), Jeremy Kemp (University of Houston), Thomas Heller (Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg), Matthew Anderson (Indiana University), Andrew Lumsdaine (Indiana University), Adrian Serio (Louisiana State University), Michael Wolf (Sandia National Laboratories), Bryce Lelbach (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Ron Brightwell (Sandia National Laboratories), Thomas Sterling (Indiana University). HPX Applications and Performance Adaptation, SC15 Posters, SC15 Austin, Texas, 17 November 2015. Poster

M. Anderson. “Entering the Post-Moore Era: Scaling to the next generation of HPC systems”. GR@100++, Princeton University. 9 April 2016. Invited Talk.

T. Sterling and M. Anderson. “The ParalleX Execution Model and HPX Runtime System Dynamic Adaptive Computation”. Texas Advanced Computing Center, The University of Texas at Austin. 5 April 2016. Invited Talk.