Matthew Anderson

Research Scientist
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Principle Software Research Engineer

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., 2004, Physics, The University of Texas at Austin
  • B.S., 1999, Physics, Brigham Young University

Research Interests

  • Simulations for astrophysics
  • High performance distributed databases
  • Graph problems and applications
  • High performance computing
  • Software infrastructure development for computational science

Recent Research Projects

  • ParalleX development for DOE applications under Exascale contract
  • ParalleX application development under DoD HPC modernization program
  • Black hole neutron star simulations with magnetic fields
  • Developing software infrastructure for petascale computing based on adaptive mesh refinement and partitioned global address space languages (e.g. UPC)
  • Exploring the magnetorotational instability in differentially rotating neutron stars

Recent Professional Activity

Awarded NSF Grants as Co-PI:

  • CCF 0832966: A Study and implementation of Semantic Constructs for Highly Scalable Leading-edge Scientific Computing.
  • PHY 803615: Simulating Neutron Star-Black Hole inspirals: From Binaries to Accretion and Jets.

Recent Publications

  • L. Lehner, S. L Liebling, C. Palenzuela, O. L. Caballero, E. O’Connor, M. Anderson, and D. Neilsen. Unequal mass binary neutron star mergers and multimessenger signals. Class. Quantum Grav., 33:184002, September 2016. [bibtex-entry]
  • J. DeBuhr, B. Zhang, M. Anderson, D. Neilsen, and E. W. Hirschmann. Relativistic Hydrodynamics with Wavelets. ArXiv e-prints, December 2015.
    Keywords: Astrophysics – Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics, Astrophysics – High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena. [bibtex-entry]
  • Alice Koniges, Jayashree Ajay Candadai, Hartmut Kaiser, Adrian Serio, Kevin Huck, Jeremy Kemp, Thomas Heller, Friedrich-Alexander, Matthew Anderson, Andrew Lumsdaine, Thomas Sterling, and Ron Brightwell. HPX Applications and Performance Adaptation, November 2015.
    Note: Poster Presentation at the SC15 Posters, SC15 Austin, Texas.
    Keywords: HPX. [bibtex-entry]