Students and Mentors

Students:The fabrication lab team currently consists of four high school students from Bloomington high schools and three undergraduate students from Indiana University. The students do all of the work on the fabrication lab projects: all design, construction, and programming is done by the students with guidance as necessary.

High School Students:

    Max Weger

    Cole Swany

    Harpo Roeder

    Cecilia Brisuda

Undergraduate Students:

    Alex von Hoene

    Luke Patmore

    Michael Fisher

Harpo Roeder conducts the majority of the quadcopter assembly and flight, though construction of some parts is aided by Alex von Hoene. Simulation, software testing, computer-aided design, and programming are conducted by Max Weger and Cecillia Brisuda. Miscellaneous computer science tasks are often tackled by Luke Patmore, Michael Fisher, and Alex von Hoene. The Stradivarius guitar project is the purview of Cole Swany. There are considerable overlap and little formality in who conducts what, as most students are competent in most areas. However, the students gravitate to certain types of tasks and effectively become the lab’s expert in that which they work on.


Though students are welcome to seek help from many in CREST, they are guided most heavily by graduate student Erik Holk, postdoctoral researcher Joseph Cottam, and assistant scientists Matthew Anderson and Maciej Brodowicz. The latter two are the coordinators of the program. All four are great helps to the students in their endeavors as teachers and as mentors. Frequently one will find a student and mentor poring over code or learning to design hardware. High school and undergraduate students are chosen for their creative and learning potential, and the program fosters learning. Affiliated adults are catalysts of learning and an invaluable part of the fabrication program.